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Aiden Kent - Wedding Singer

Invest in your business
with a website built by TN2 Networks.

Quality Always Wins

I’ll always settle for quality over quantity when it comes to web design, whether it’s for a client or one of my own projects.

If someone is offering an all singing and dancing website with all the features under the sun for £400, I know corners are going to be cut somewhere. If you manage to haggle a web designer down to half their original figure, chances are they are going to cut corners too, or even worse resent working for you.

However, if you want to invest a fair rate for quality work, carried out by an experienced professional that is what you will end up with, an investment not a liability.

More importantly your website then works as the perfect foundation to grow with your business online.

You are also never restricted by the limited features of an automated website builder (not to mention you have to build the site too), or later down the line you have to pay above the odds for a professional web designer to straighten out poorly written code so they can make a few simple changes.

Why cut corners with your business website?

With so many cheap ways to get a website up and running it makes you wonder why most successful businesses are still happy to invest in salaries of £20,000 and upwards for individual staff to run their websites. More often than not, growing into a team solely responsible for the digital side of the business.

The one thing these businesses know, is if you are spending on advertising and showing up anywhere from the local paper to television advertising, you can 100% guarantee most of the people who respond to your advert will visit your website first.

So why would you send those hard earned visitors to a sub-standard website that reflects negatively on your business?

Who is building your website?

Just me, Aaron. A Kent web designer with over 17 years’ experience building everything from small business websites to fully featured ecommerce stores. I definitely do not outsource any work and there are no templates used.

Everything is built by me, from scratch, purposely for your business only.

When you pick up the phone, email or Skype me you are never passed to an account manager, your website isn’t built by someone just turning up for the 9 to 5. Everything I do starts with the best interest of your business.

These are the same reasons some clients have been with me for over 10 years.

Website Case Studies

Aiden Kent, and the re-build of his original site…
Writewell, who needed their website to converting to mobile…

These case studies will highlight the finer details of some individual site builds.

Peace of Mind

Your website is regularly checked, and all client websites no matter what size are backed up. You can also arrange for more frequent backups if you make regular changes to your website.

How easy was that? Hopefully all the info you wanted to see with very little technical jargon.