TN2 Networks is Finally Live

By Aaron Harding
TN2 Networks is finally live

Ever since the switch from part time to full time freelancer in June it has been non-stop with current clients, keeping me from showing off what I do best and getting this site live.

Now that TN2 Networks is running, slots have become available for new clients, only a couple depending on the projects but this is your chance to take advantage before they get snapped up.

You might ask why I don’t chase everything and anything when it comes to clients. Then sit at my computer until midnight frazzled, producing substandard work. Truth is I’ve been in this situation many years back and at the end of the day I want to provide a quality service and build a loyal client base.

This blog will eventually be an integral part of my business plan to build awareness of TN2 Networks and hopefully put some useful info out there, bringing in new leads.

If you have a problem or there’s something about running the online side of your business that really has you stumped, feel free to get in contact and let me know, it could be a great opportunity to write some more quality content and help you at the same time.